Help your patients say 'yes'
to more moments.1-3

AJOVY® is the only licensed anti-CGRP that offers the choice of quarterly or monthly dosing.1 
AJOVY® can be administrated at home or in the clinic.1

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Significantly more migraine-free days with AJOVY® vs placebo1-3

Clinical trial data for AJOVY®
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Flexibility to help meet your patients' needs1

Dosing options for ajovy®
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A generally well-tolerated treatment choice1-3

Safety profile for ajovy®

AJOVY® was evaluated for registration in two Phase III clinical trials (the HALO studies)1-3

Clinical trial designs

Better quality of life with AJOVY® vs placebo2,3

Quality of life data for ajovy®
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Can be administered at home or in the clinic1

Administering ajovy®

CGRP: calcitonin gene-related peptide; HIT-6, the six-item Headache Impact Test.